PJ/Book Donation Report

For Pajama & Book Donations or Drives

  1. Pajamas need to be new, unused, and a complete set or a nightgown.
  2. Decide which age range you want to collect Pajamas:
    a) for all ages, Infant – 18 yrs old
    b) for children from Infant – 5 yrs old
    c) for children 5 yrs old – 12 yrs old
    d) for teenage children ages 13-18 (Adult sizes Small to XXXL!)
  3. Decide where people can drop off/send the new pajamas. You can decorate a big box or
    multiple boxes with fun wrapping paper to make it festive looking. Or you can have people
    bring or send them to your home or place of business where you can hold them all until your
    drive is finished.
  4. You can cut-and-paste our logo, pictures and more information from our website,
    www.pajamaprogram.org/pjdrive.html, to make your own fliers or display. You’ll also find our
    brochure here that you can share, print or display for your drive or event.

For More Resources To Help With A Drive Click Here!